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The Best Way of Preserving Fruit and Veg Left Overs

preserving fruit and veg

There are plenty of reasons for preserving fruit and veg. You may have got a good deal at the supermarket that you’re unable to use all at once or your own harvest may have been more successful than you predicted, for example. However there’s no need for waste as preserving not only means you have fruit and vegetables available at different times of the year when they might not be in season and allows you to sample familiar foods with a different taste and texture. Learn how to preserve left over vegetables this winter to save money and get more creative with your cooking.

Preserving fruit and veg in the freezer

If you have room in your freezer, this is usually the simplest way to preserve. Berries and cherries respond well to freezing and can often be used still frozen, such as for smoothies or baking. Harder fruits such as apples and pears tend to work best if stewed before freezing.

Root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips and squash are also easily frozen, simply blanch them first. The same technique can be used for peas, cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and legumes. Leeks, spinach, aubergines and courgettes can be cooked before freezing. Vegetables cooked into soups, stews or ratatouille also freeze well, while frozen tomato sauce can be a lifesaver on numerous occasions! You can even freeze fresh herbs for a better result than dried.

Freezing is an efficient method of preserving ripe or slightly overripe produce and the results are best eaten within three months of freezing.

Preserving fruit and veg by pickling

Pickling is how to preserve left over vegetables creatively. You can go for a simple vinegar or brine or you can spice up your pickling mixture. You can pickle vegetables separately or in a mixture and use them in salads, sandwiches and with cold meats – they’re also great just for picking at and much healthier than crisps! All you need is a good supply of ingredients, a pan and some clean, sterilised jars.

Pickling is essentially the process of using a salt and/or vinegar mixture to prevent the growth of bacteria. Not only vegetables but also some fruits can be pickled, but the process works best for produce that is mature but not overripe. Like freezing, most pickled produce is best eaten within three to six months.

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Amber Glass Bottles Wholesale

amber glass bottles

At Wares we have a huge selection of amber jars and bottles available for a wide range of uses. Purchasing amber bottles wholesale can be an extremely cost-effective option if you require a large number of containers.

Why use amber glass bottles?

Amber glass has a number of benefits that make it a great choice for all your bottling needs. Many food and cosmetic products can be affected not only by exposure to air, but also to sunlight. UV rays from the sun are not just potentially harmful to skin but can also alter the chemical composition of a variety of products. This can affect taste and appearance, even if the items are kept away from direct sunlight. Ambient and fluorescent light can also lead to photo-oxidation or light damage. Amber glass filters out the UV rays, protecting your food and cosmetics from exposure and extending the shelf-life of these products. Many medicines are stored in amber glass bottles for this reason. Amber or brown glass is also traditionally used in when bottling beer. Using stoppered swing top bottles or those sealed with metal crown lids will not only give your homebrew a charming old-fashioned look but will also protect it from possible alterations to the flavour due to photochemistry.

Amber glass bottles for cosmetics

One of the most common uses for amber glass is in the packaging of cosmetics and aromatherapy products. Many of these use essential oils which are profoundly affected by exposure to sunlight and can easily lose efficacy. In addition, using glass minimises the risk of potentially harmful chemicals from plastic containers seeping into the products. Small 20ml amber glass bottles are perfect for storing precious essential oils. Those incorporating a dropper with a glass pipette and rubber are ideal for accurate measuring of the oils for aromatherapy treatments. Larger lotion or medicine bottles are a fantastic option for the safe storage of oils such as sweet almond, used as a carrier oil for a variety of skin treatments. Large 500ml screw top cosmetic jars are useful for face creams or body moisturisers whilst miniature 30ml amber jars are perfect for lip balms.

In addition to being tough and reusable, amber glass is perfect for protecting consumables and cosmetic products that might otherwise be damaged or impaired by exposure to excessive sunlight. Purchase amber bottles wholesale for a great value solution to your glass container requirements.

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