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Product of the Month – 190ml Deluxe Versatile Jar

versatile jar

If you’re looking for jam jars that are as sturdy and practical as they are attractive then the Wares of Knutsford Product of the Month is the ideal choice.

The 190ml Deluxe Food/Jam Jar is a versatile jar that is perfect for a whole host of contents and would look great in your kitchen – or in someone else’s.

The ideal versatile jar

This versatile jar could be filled with a multitude of jams, marmalades or pickles. The choice of coloured lids that accompany it just add to its appeal and make it the perfect pick if you plan to give your homemade goodies away as gifts, or even to sell them. The lids fit much better than many of the products from other suppliers and their appearance is such that there will be no doubt as to their quality – or the effort you have put into making your creation. They are heat sealable and vinegar proof, ensuring that the contents will stay in perfect condition for months to come.

As well as preserves and pickles, this 63mm jar could be filled with sweets, chocolates, homemade fudge or other goodies. It would also be the ideal holder for wedding favours or as the base for an original table decoration at an important event.

A versatile jar available in versatile quantities

You can choose how many of the 190ml jars you need or want as they are available in packs of between 12 and 192. Just remember, however, that the more you buy, the better value they become. Even in the smaller quantities, they are superb value for the quality of the product but you can get even more for your money the bigger you buy.

Their modern appearance has made them a firm favourite with Wares of Knutsford customers and helped gain them the title of product of the month. The 63mm lids’ colours – whether plain or checked – are easy to coordinate with your own choice of ribbons or other decorations, to provide a truly unique touch, and their straight sides ensure that labelling is never an issue.

Even blindfolded, however, you could be in no doubt as to the quality of this versatile 8cm tall jar. Its heavyweight glass fills you with confidence and gives the impression that only the best products have been used to create what lies within. If you’re looking for a great value glass jar that delivers on performance and appearance, you have just found your perfect product.

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