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Small Blue Glass Bottles

small blue glass bottles

Glass bottles are available in a huge choice of colours and styles with blue being among the most popular. Pale blue bottles have a fresh, pretty feel whilst darker blue glass is perfect for when you want to make a bold statement.

Using small blue glass bottles in aromatherapy

Small blue glass bottles have long been associated with medicines and healthcare products, with dark glass vials traditionally used by apothecaries and pharmacists for the storing of custom-blended tinctures. This idea is still popular today and this type of small blue bottle is frequently used for essential oils. Aromatherapy is the practice of using these highly concentrated plant oils to improve health and wellness. For example, lavender oil is regarded as having a relaxing, calming effect whilst eucalyptus can be beneficial for clearing congestion if you are suffering from a cold. The oils are extremely potent in their distilled form and so are usually either diluted in water, for example in the bath, or blended with carriers oils such as almond for a less concentrated effect. Storing these oils in dark bottles prevents them losing concentration due to exposure to sunlight. Small 10ml bottles are ideal for the individual oils themselves, whilst larger 50ml bottles are extremely useful for storing mixtures or oils that have already been blended with carrier oils.

Other uses for small blue glass bottles

These appealing bottles can also be used for a number of other purposes around the home. Rectangular blue bottles with corks resemble old-fashioned pharmacy flasks and make unusual containers for bath salts or bubble bath. They look fabulous on a shelf or windowsill and will complement many bathroom colour schemes perfectly. Larger blue glass bottles are also extremely useful in the kitchen. Fill them with oil and vinegar and keep on the dining table as eye-catching condiment containers. Kilner clip top bottles have a charming vintage feel and make lovely presentation bottles for homemade cordials or lemonade. Alternatively use them as stylish water bottles when hosting a dinner party. Smaller versions make pretty wedding favours and add a quirky touch to a retro-themed wedding.

From shimmering pale turquoise to the deepest dramatic cobalt, blue glass bottles are an attractive addition to your home. Whether you are looking for a small blue bottle for your essential oils or larger ones for other beauty products, you are sure to find the right bottles at Wares.

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