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Sloe Gin Gift Set

sloe gin gift set

Wares of Knutsford would like to propose a sloe gin making kit by Kilner as the answer to some of your more taxing Christmas present buying dilemmas.

Why a sloe gin gift set?

Sloe gin is a very traditional, warming winter drink. Its ruby red colour is obtained by picking sloes after winter’s first frost, so usually towards the end of October or the beginning of November, and bottling them with gin and sugar. The skin of each ripe sloe has to be pricked to allow the juice to be released. According to folklore this should be done by a thorn from the blackthorn bush that hosts the fruits or with a silver fork, never any other metal. The sloes, gin and sugar are allowed to infuse for three months before the liqueur is drained, when the sloes can be discarded.

Good sloe gin has a very distinctive, almond like aroma and flavour, while some spices can be added for a Christmassy twist. A glass of glowing sloe gin is a very old fashioned pleasure that appears to be making a comeback in modern times. It is usually drunk after dinner, as with port, and is served neat or over ice. Believe it or not, there’s a Sloe Gin World Championship competition held in Frant, East Sussex every December, plus annual sloe gin making competitions in Knighton in Powys, at Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and in Dorstone, Herefordshire.

Sloe gin gift set by Kilner

If you know someone who is into home brewing and needs a new project or someone who enjoys trying unusual foods and drinks, a sloe gin gift set by Kilner could be an ideal gift for them this Christmas.

The eight piece set includes all the equipment needed to make sloe gin or a range of other fruit liqueurs. The set includes a two litre, round Kilner glass jar, four 250ml bottles for the sloe gin, a 50cm x 50cm muslin cloth for straining, a plastic funnel and a recipe card. It comes in a neat box for easy gift wrapping too!

The recipient will need some gin and some sugar, while the other essential ingredient – the sloes – can be picked from the hedgerow! If the sloe gin making bug takes hold, spare parts and extra accessories can be bought from the home brewing section of the Wares of Knutsford website.

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