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Homemade Wedding Gifts and Favours

homemade wedding gifts

Spring has sprung and wedding season is approaching in the UK. Brides are under enormous pressure, both financial and creative, as weddings become ever more expensive and competitive. If you are a bride or a wedding planner organising an event for this year, consider homemade wedding gifts to enable you to follow the wedding theme, fit in with table settings and delight guests – all without spending a fortune.

Wedding favours are designed to please guests, sometimes to provide a memento of the occasion and to look elegant as part of a table display. Wares of Knutsford can supply materials for all sorts of imaginative wedding favours and out helpful and friendly staff are happy to help you out with ideas too! There is a whole wedding favours category on the Wares of Knutsford website but you could also get ideas on other sections of the site.

Personalising homemade wedding gifts

By personalising wedding favours rather than buying an anonymous gift, brides can ensure a co-ordinated table display and show off their creativity. Wares of Knutsford’s miniature bottles and jars are huge favourites with brides shopping for homemade wedding favours, but of course the contents are what counts. This means you can fill the jars or bottles with homemade liqueurs or cordials, jams and chutneys, homemade cosmetics such as bath milk or body lotion. By making your own favours you can also tailor to your guests – so children will receive a jar of sweets rather than alcoholic liqueur, for example!

Once you have decided upon your contents, you will need to decide how to present the favours to be personal to you. This can mean ribbons or bows, but should also include a label stating the contents and any usage instructions. These labels are ideal for personalising purposes, displaying a picture of the happy couple, for example, the date and location or a personal message to recipients.

Choosing bottles and jars for homemade wedding gifts

Brides seem to favour small or miniature bottles or jars, because they fit neatly into table settings without taking up too much room. Hexagonal designs are more decorative than basic jars and bottles and so are popular for modern themed weddings. Clip top jars are fashionable and great for guests to keep because they are easy to re-use. Look for more exotic or unusual jars or bottles to make your homemade wedding favours stand out.

Remember that larger pack sizes mean cheaper prices, and Wares of Knutsford charges the same flat postage fee no matter how much you order!

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