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Home Brew Gifts for Christmas

Home brew gifts

It’s difficult to support some hobbies – dangerous extreme sports, collecting pet snakes or mud wrestling, for example, can be quite off-putting to some people! If you know someone who indulges in such unpalatable pastimes, Wares of Knutsford can help you to encourage them in a more savoury direction this Christmas, with a selection of home brew gifts to hopefully pique their interest!

Home brew gifts by Kilner

Kilner’s complete kits for homebrew gifts come with everything the amateur or experienced home brewer needs to produce their own, unique tipples. There are complete kits for cider, bitter and lager which include both equipment and ingredients for 40 pints of lager or bitter and 35 pints of cider plus an illustrated instruction manual. The brewer needs only add water plus a little care and attention.

The Complete Starter Kit contains all the equipment for those who already have access to ingredients and can be used for beer or wine making.

The ‘Make Your Own’ kits contain all the ingredients necessary for those who already have their equipment. There are kits available for bitter, lager and cider plus Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio wines.

These kits are an ideal introduction for those who are interested in home brewing and are supplied in a neat box that’s easy to wrap!

Home brew gifts and accessories

If you are buying for someone who has already discovered an interest in home brewing, Wares of Knutsford can supply a wide range of accessories and essential items. All the basics can be found in the ‘Home Brewing’ section of the website, including thermometers, sterilising equipment, trial jars and cappers plus a huge range of bottles and caps. There are traditional brown beer or green and clear wine bottles, plus a variety of more unusual and exotic shapes which make great gifts on their own.

Sloe gin home brewing

Home brewing isn’t just confined to beer or wine. Sloe gin is a gloriously old fashioned drink that’s making a modern comeback, and there is a Sloe Gin Gift Set from Kilner that would make a great Christmas present for someone who would enjoy harvesting the natural fruits of the hedgerow to make a warming winter tipple. The kit is suitable for making any kind of fruit liqueur and includes the necessary equipment plus a recipe card.

If you’re really lucky you might even get to taste the results of your homebrew gifts!

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