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Glass Bottles Wholesale

glass bottles wholesale

At Wares of Knutsford, we like to think our glass bottle range is huge, amazing and the best on the internet. We work hard to make sure we have a bottle for every need, and we love to hear about how our customers use them. While creative wedding favours are always interesting to hear about, we also love to know that people are buying our glass bottles wholesale, to help them turn their hobby or passion into a business endeavour.

Glass bottles wholesale for small businesses

With sizes starting at a tiny 5ml and going up to 1840ml, all bases are covered. There are bottles of various different styles for drinks, sauces, oils, cosmetics and aromatherapy. There are basic, functional bottles and beautiful, decorative numbers. Apart from clear glass there are traditional amber and green glass bottles and bright, modern colours. Depending upon the model you choose, bottles can be bought individually or in varying pack sizes including, in some cases, bargain bulk buy packs of 192. These are particularly useful for small business who may not yet be ready to buy wholesale glass bottles.

Miniature bottles are particularly popular with small start ups, allowing business owners to give out sample sizes of their product for potential customers to test – this way your product becomes its own best advertisement!

There is also a helpful section for spare bottle tops, corks and caps.

Buying glass bottles wholesale

Wholesale prices are available to anyone buying in pallet quantities or a minimum order of £450. Shipping is quoted on a per order basis and is charged by the pallet. What’s really helpful is that your pallet can be comprised of any mixture of bottles and jars, in box quantities for easy packaging and delivery.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful staff for more details and a wholesale price list. Our email address is info@waresofknutsford.co.uk and our telephone number is 01477 537224. A pro forma invoice will be issued once your order details are confirmed and your goods will be dispatched once paid in full. We try to make the whole process as easy and stress free as possible and orders are usually delivered within seven days.

When you received your bottles and start using them, please do send us pictures as our staff and customers like to see how they can be decorated and presented!

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