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50ml Glass Bottles in Many Styles

glass bottles 50ml

The Wares of Knutsford glass bottle range includes options from a tiny 5ml up to five litre demijohns. The 50ml bottle collection is particularly popular and comes in a huge variety of styles, with a vast range of uses. Cooks, crafters, chemists and home brewers will all find glass bottles 50ml size, and jars to suit their purpose.

Basic glass bottles 50ml

The basic range of 50ml glass bottles comes in clear, amber, green and blue, while there are plastic versions available if you prefer. Your home brewed liqueurs or sloe gin can be perfectly admired in the clear glass bottles while the straight sided, screw top versions in coloured glass are perfect for aromatherapy and home made cosmetics, as the darker hue helps to prevent the contents from degradation by sunlight. The standard screw top keeps the contents secure but pipette or dropper tops or corks are available if you prefer – have a look at the ‘Spare bottle tops’ page.

There are also 50ml cosmetics jars in frosted glass or red plastic, to give your lotions and potions a professional look.

Special glass bottles 50ml

The 50ml Gladstone bottle with a cork stopper is versatile and decorative, while the ‘Naturals’ range includes a funky little 50ml clear glass carafe and a pretty, blue glass corked bottle. These are a great way to present home made produce as gifts or give your guest room that ‘posh hotel’ feel when people come to stay.

The bottles and jars come in various pack sizes, and your purchase gets more economical with the larger packs. Furthermore the postage charge remains the same no matter how much you order, so you can keep adding to your basket without worrying about incurring a huge delivery charge at the end. The small bottles and jars are very popular with brides looking to create personalised and individual wedding favours and our large pack sizes are particularly useful on these occasions.

Wares of Knutsford is happy to sell to professional customers at wholesale prices. Small hotels or restaurants and aromatherapists in particular will find our small bottle range very useful. Contact our staff to discuss prices, delivery and invoicing. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are happy to track down more unusual items.

Always sterilise your bottles before you use them for food and drink or cosmetic products.

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