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Making Christmas hampers

Christmas hampers

Christmas hampers are a great present when you’re really not sure what to buy. While shop bought versions lack personality,you can make xmas hampers and give them the personal touch, the result is likely to be very much appreciated.

Making Christmas hampers individual

You need to think about what your recipient likes. Your Christmas hampers don’t have to be full of food and drink – their contents can be varied. For example, if you are buying for a crafty type you could make a hamper full of sewing equipment. Gardeners might appreciate a basket full of little tools and implements they can use while working such as knee pads, gloves, plant tags, seeds and a little trowel and fork, for example. Keen cake bakers may prefer a hamper of baking equipment rather than ingredients, so you could consider some specialist baking trays and cutter shapes, a patterned rolling pin and a sugar craft set. Teenage girls would no doubt enjoy a hamper full of make up and so on…

Making Christmas hampers in traditional style

While you can make xmas hampers to suit an individual’s interests, it’s still hard to beat an old fashioned food hamper, full of tasty goodies. To make your hamper extra special, try to add some home made items. A bottle of wine, port or some other tipple is essential, to which you can add some cheese, pate, preserves and some sweet treats.

Pickles and chutneys go down well in any hamper, as they are an ideal accompaniment to the inevitable Christmas leftovers. There are plenty of delicious recipes available for chutneys, jams and other preserves on the Wares of Knutsford recipe section if you don’t have a tried and trusted recipe of your own. Having made your preserves, the key is to make them look attractive to go into the hamper. Here again Wares of Knutsford can help with a huge selection of jars. Apart from the standard, plain round jars with lids, there are a number of decorative shaped jars to make your home made produce look professional and appetising.

This includes a pretty label describing the contents, and perhaps a jar cover, tag and ribbon. In a hamper you could reasonably include home made pickles, a home made onion and tomato chutney and a home made jam, for example. If you’re really crafty, you could fill the hamper entirely with home made efforts.

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