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Candle Holder with Tea Light

candle holder

Wares of Knutsford is pleased to introduce a new product. The glass tea light holder would make an excellent small gift on all sorts of occasions but is equally tempting to buy for yourself.

Clear glass candle holder for tea lights

The round, clear glass tea light candle holder is so simple it would look as good in an elegant drawing room as in a cottage garden. It is 9cm wide and 6.5cm tall, making it an ideal stocking filler for Christmas and a great addition to gift hampers all year round. The candle holder comes with a tea light so it can be wrapped and gifted without any further ado.

If you are using the tea light holder in your own home, group it with other clear glass objects – candle holders in different shapes or vases – to create a stylish vignette. The affordable price means you can buy a few and group them together to create impact in an otherwise unremarkable setting.

As well as using a basic tea light to give a gentle glow to an unloved corner, you can use the holder to burn scented and coloured tea lights to give extra atmosphere to your home.

Creating atmosphere with a candle holder

There’s nothing as atmospheric and flattering as candlelight, both in and outside the house. Even unlit, a selection of candle holders helps to dress your house and give it that personal touch that makes it a home. With summer approaching, gardening is doubtless a priority on many housekeeping lists. If you can’t stretch to a complete re-landscaping, you can nonetheless make your garden or yard look inviting and attractive with a few easy lighting tricks.

For example, if you have a tree in your garden, organise some hanging tea lights – the candlelight shining through foliage will create magical patterns of light and shade in your garden. Similarly, line up some tea lights along walls and windowsills for gentle light to create an intimate and welcoming feel in the garden. The muted light works wonders to disguise scruffy borders and threadbare grass!

Summer’s light evenings mean you can get away without harsh lighting but as the hours pass, a couple of tea lights along a dinner table continue the momentum of a pleasant meal or gathering. Place between posies of flowers for a fresh and pretty look and to draw attention away from uncleared plates and glasses.

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