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Bulk Jar and Bottle Supplier

buy bulk jars

Glass jars and bottles can be used for a huge variety of domestic and commercial purposes, providing handy receptacles for a wide range of products. Rather than buying these individually, Wares offer some fantastic bulk glass bottles and jars packages. These offer substantial discounts on single purchases, representing great value. These orders can be custom packed according to your specifications to ensure your exact requirements are met.

Buy bulk jars for preserving

Preserving food and making jam are excellent ways to enjoy seasonal fruit throughout the entire year. Our bargain packs of glass bottles and jars are perfect for storing all your culinary creations. Each pack consists of 192 pieces, including lids. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes available, from miniature lidded jam jars through to larger jars and bottles ideal for pickling vegetables and preserving fruits. Hexagonal jars are popular for chutneys and relishes whilst the distinctive shape of our Bonne Maman jars gives your preserves an attractive artisan look. Verrine jars are ideally-shaped for pate or fruit cheese and smart enough to serve straight at the table. If you run a catering business producing handmade delicacies, purchasing our bulk packs of jars and bottles will guarantee you substantial savings. In addition you can buy bulk jars in a wide choice of styles, you can choose the colour of your lids from a varied section, including metallic, coloured and traditional gingham designs.

Buy bulk jars for other creative projects

Our glass jars and bottles are not just useful for preserving. Miniature globe clip top jars make unusual containers for all your herbs and spices. If you are running a school fete, large glass jars are invaluable for the always-popular sweet tombola. Our cosmetic jars are available in clear or amber tints and are ideally suited for products such as face creams or lip balms. We also supply bulk packs of bottles in an appealing assortment of designs. Miniature whisky bottles make lovely wedding favours or table decorations. Just fill them with a celebrated local spirit or your favourite liqueur for a delightful gift for your guests. UK mainland delivery is just £6.95, regardless of the size of your order, offering you great value alongside excellent customer service.

Buying bulk glass bottles or jars from Wares not only saves you money but allows you to individually tailor your package to suit your specific requirements. All our packs can be customised to suit your needs so contact Wares to discuss your request for custom packed bulk orders.

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