Swing top bottles for carbonated drinks

Swing top bottles for carbonated drinks

Homemade ginger ale

We all get a craving for a delicious, chilled fizzy drink now and again. Children especially love a ‘fizzy pop’ drink and it can be quite a challenge to steer them away from regular, processed fizzy drinks. Making your own carbonated drinks could be the answer, as you are in control of both the ingredients and the sugar content. By making up a batch of homemade fizzy drinks, you will have a thirst-quenching bottle of something tasty to hand whenever the mood takes you.

Glass bottles for carbonated drinks

Before we get down to some recipe ideas, it is important to consider the bottles you are going to use for your fizzy drinks. Our range of swing top bottles is perfect for fizzy drinks, providing a strong and lasting seal to keep all those bubbles locked in. The range covers bottles in all shapes and sizes, from 250ml individual sized bottles right up to one-litre bottles for larger quantities. Some of our favourites are the Kilner swing top bottles, which are available in a range of pastel colours.

Glass bottles for that nostalgic feeling

Apart from their functional qualities, swing top bottles really look the part and evoke a certain nostalgia for times gone by when traditional homemade sodas and pops were still available to buy locally. Traditional lemonades, dandelion and burdock and cream sodas were all tasty treats that every member of the family looked forward to. If you are planning a party, making a variety of old-fashioned carbonated drinks will provide a delightful touch for guests who do not want an alcoholic drink.

Homemade ginger ale

If all this talk of fizzy drinks has whetted your appetite for creating your own, why not have a go at this simple ginger ale recipe?


100g sugar
2 tbsp grated ginger
juice of 1 lemon
¼ tsp baker’s yeast
2 litres cold mineral water


1. Add all the ingredients to a two-litre plastic bottle and half fill with water. Screw on the cap and shake the bottle well to ensure the ingredients have mixed well. Add the rest of the water and shake again.

2. Transfer the mixture to glass bottles and seal. Store the drink in a warm place for two days to allow fermentation. After this time, move to the fridge to stop the fermentation process.

3. When you are ready to drink the ginger ale, open the bottle over the sink in case of excess fizziness!

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