Sweets in glass jars

Sweets in glass jars 

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If you grew up in the 70s or earlier, you probably have incredibly fond memories of the local sweet shop with its seemingly endless array of jars to tempt you into spending your pocket money. Magically, there seemed to be a sweet shop next to every primary school and there would be a queue, or sometimes a scrum, in the shop each morning and again at home time. Whether you had a soft spot for cola cubes or midget gems, or sherbet dip dabs and flying saucers were more your thing, the sweet shop was a much-loved institution in every neighbourhood.

In today’s post, we take a look at our range of glass jars and offer some inspiration for recreating the old-fashioned sweet shop look in your own kitchen. We also give some suggestions for other uses for these jars.

Which glass jars to choose?

Candy jar full of colored candy

Whilst we do not recommend that you fill your kitchen shelves with as many jars of sweets as the sweetshop, one glass jar or two could certainly be squeezed in. The 4430ml slimline plastic PET jar is the type we all remember from our childhood, making it perfect for a touch of nostalgia. Provided you are disciplined, you might find that you can make some cost savings by buying sweets in bulk and storing them rather than buying lots of smaller individual packs. Just make sure you keep the jar on a high shelf, out of reach of little fingers!

Another popular choice is our spherical sweet jars, which are available in a range of sizes. This type of glass jar has two flat sections, meaning that it can be balanced on its side with the lid facing outwards for easy pickings! The internet can offer all sorts of tempting recipes for boiled sweets and homemade candy, so why not make your own and fill one of these jars with your unique brand of sweets?

More unusual glass jars for sweets

Sweets might be the logical choice for what to put in our sweet jars, but they are also handy for all sorts of other things. The 3,200ml spherical plastic jar makes a great biscuit barrel or cookie jar, for example, and looks fabulous on the kitchen counter filled with home-baked cookies and sweet treats. Our plastic PET jars all make great storage containers, as their clear sides mean you can always see exactly what is in them.

Whether you need to organise your pantry or your DIY workshop, these jars will have you decluttered and tidy in no time at all.

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