Sweet jars for all

Sweet jars for all 

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For many of us, our earliest and fondest memories include eagerly visiting the local sweetshop, pocket money in hand, to deliberate over which sweets we would buy that week. The sweet shop owners must have been incredibly patient, as we all spent such a long time choosing exactly which penny chews, fizz bombs and gobstoppers to put in our small paper bags!

Sadly, sweet shops are few and far between nowadays, with most of us buy sweets for our children as part of the weekly supermarket shop. Whilst this does not have quite the magic of visiting an old-fashioned sweet shop, you can still make sweets special by storing them in glass sweet jars. One of the most popular jars in our range of glass sweet jars is the semi-round jar that can stand on its side or on its end. Filled with colourful sweets such as jelly babies or liquorice torpedoes, these jars are just so appealing.

Sweet jars as wedding favours

Sweets are not just for children, of course! Many adults love them too, with sweet-based wedding favours eternally popular. Whether you choose to offer a giant two-litre jar for guests to dip into or opt for individual 212ml Limoncello jars to give to each guest, you can guarantee that sweets will always go down well. The trend for all thing homemade is now spilling over into wedding arrangements, with many brides opting to make their own sweets to go in these glass sweet jars. Homemade fudge and toffee are simple but popular choices.

Sweet jars for household storage

With so many glass sweet jars to choose from, and also plastic ones, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can use them for besides storing sweets; for example, many of them are big enough to use for kitchen or bathroom storage. Line up a few of the semi-round jars on their sides on a kitchen shelf and fill them with pasta, rice and baking goods, such as dried fruit, demerara sugar or flour. They will look stylish, remind you what ingredients you have to hand, and inspire you to put on an apron and get baking.

Up in the bathroom, these jars look great lined up on the bathroom shelf, filled with items such as cotton wool balls, body scrubs and bath salts. Alternatively, why not make a mini terrarium using one of these jars and place it on the bathroom windowsill? The humidity of the bathroom will provide the ideal conditions for this small plant display, which will be a calming addition to any bathroom.

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