Ideas for Summer Wedding Favours

wedding favours

We’re a romantic bunch here at Wares of Knutsford, so we absolutely love summer wedding season. We have even created a special department in our online shop to help brides and grooms come up with wedding favour ideas!

Make your own wedding favours

There are multiple advantages to making your own wedding favours, including keeping the costs down and creating some really personal and original wedding favour ideas. We love to know what you’re all doing with our products and were delighted to realise that lots of our customers were using our small bottle and jars to make wedding favours, so we put all of the best options together in one section of the website.

Favours are one of the most challenging parts of the wedding planning process. They need to fit the colour scheme and theme of the wedding, fit neatly and decoratively onto tables, and ideally to be something your guests would actually be pleased to receive! There are lots of wedding favour ideas online if you’re drawing a blank, but our staff are also happy to talk through some ideas with you, so don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 6121273.

Ideas for wedding favours

If you have a particular skill it would be great to employ it in making your favours. For example, talented cooks could make some jam or chutney for guests to take home in a creative flavour which matches the them of the event. Home brewers could give out little bottles of wine, whisky or other tipple. If you like to make your own cosmetics you could provide every guests with a little jar of relaxing bath salts or body lotion. You can also make cute little jars for child guests, full of marbles, beads, lego pieces or other small toys.

However you fill the jars, make sure you also pay attention to labelling. You need to identify the contents and provide any usage instructions, but you also need to make note of your special day, maybe with a photo label or by printing your names, the date and the location. If you are extremely organised, you could even make sure each favour is personalised to each guest.

As time consuming as this sounds, it is at least economical and far more individual than buying in pre-made favours, which can also be lacking in soul. Your special day should reflect your lives and personalities, and wedding favours are just one of the small details that add up to make your perfect big day.

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