Summer Jam Jar Labels

Label Jar Bottle ROSEMARY'S GARDEN-05Summer Jam Jar Labels

The summer and autumn months are perhaps the busiest time of the year for jam makers, with so many ripe fruits available. For keen cooks, the maslin pan barely has time to cool down and get washed up before it’s back on the hob, boiling up another batch of sweet and lovely jam. With multiple jars of jam, and numerous different flavours and varieties on the go, it’s important to get organised and ensure your jam jars are all labelled clearly and correctly.

Jam Jar Labels by Words of Art

Many of our labels are by Words of Art, and feature original watercolour designs by mother and daughter team, Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff. Many labels from this range feature colourful fruit designs around the central blank panel, so you can match the label to the jam you’ve made. There are labels for plums, apple and blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and more. There are lots of other designs in the Words of Art range, including vegetables which would make the perfect labels for chutneys.

If the fruit and vegetables theme isn’t what you’re looking for, the Words of Art range also contains some other striking designs, including polka dots, and a Union Jack label, which is a particular favourite.

Novel Jam Jar Labels

As well as our more traditional labels for jam jars, we also stock a wide range of more unusual labels. Our Chalkboard Labels come in a pack of 12 assorted labels in a variety of decorative shapes, along with two chalk pens to write on the labels. The label packs from Kitchen Craft are also lovely, and come in a pack of 30 labels, with three different designs per pack.

Jam Jar Gift Tags

In addition to labels for jam jars, we also have lots of different gift tags that are suitable for tying onto jam jars. These are perfect if you want to give your jams and preserves as gifts to friends and family, as you can add a personal note on the tag, leaving the label free to record the details of what’s in the jar and when it was made. We have gift tags featuring everything from pretty florals to Scotty dogs and Moroccan geometric patterns, so there really is something for everyone.

If you’re still undecided as to which labels to choose, perhaps our fun video can help you reach a decision. It has quite a catchy tune as background music, and our fabulous jam jars do actually seem to be dancing along to the music! Check it out at the bottom of our Labels and Tags page:

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