Sugar Craft Accessories

Sugar craft accessories

Have you been watching The Great British Bake Off? The show’s popularity demonstrates just how popular baking and decorative cake making have become as a hobby in the UK. Wares of Knutsford is helping customers to keep up with the trend with its Icing, Piping and Sugar Craft department, full of all the sugar craft accessories you need to create cake decorations from gentle experiment right up to spectacular, Hollywood style creations worthy of a film star’s wedding.

Sugar craft accessories for working with icing

Before decorating, you will need to ice a cake and Wares of Knutsford can supply a variety of foundation tools for this task. An icing smoother is indispensable for an even finish to marzipan, fondant icing and sugar paste, while the Icing Scraper Set contains both smooth and serrated edge tools to work with buttercream and royal icing. You can also choose from a carefully edited selection of spreaders or palette knives and an essential non-stick rolling pin.

Sugar craft accessories for cutting icing

When you are creating intricate sugar craft shapes, there’s a certain amount of manual dexterity needed. However even the most artistic bakers also rely upon an arsenal of icing tools. These start with a series of cutters. Wares of Knutsford’s icing tools selection includes cutters in a variety of basic shapes, in stamp and plunger styles. Use these to make fantastic ribbons, bows and swirls out of fondant icing, sugar paste or marzipan for professionally styled celebration cakes.

Tools include a easy to use embossing and cutting wheels, cutting sets in butterfly, daisy, leaf and basic flower shapes and a comprehensive cutting and embossing set featuring 17 different heads. There is also a lightweight patterned rolling pin to create an embossed effect on marzipan and fondant icing.

The department also contains piping icing equipment, including squeezy icing bottles and a selection of piping bags in various sizes. The Deluxe Biscuit/Icing Set makes decorating super easy with an idiot proof icing gun and a selection of icing nozzles and biscuit cutters.

For detailed work, the Icing Modelling Tool Set contains eight double headed tools to create a variety of modelling and sculpting effects.

A useful extra for simpler baking is a cake plunger, used to core cupcakes so that they can easily be filled with your choice of flavour – maybe buttercream, jam, chocolate spread or even fruit. The plunger maintains the centre section you have removed so you can create a decorative top.

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