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spice labels

When you’re trying to organise your kitchen you may find it easier to buy a set of spice jars in the size, style and quantity you really need rather than go for the standard supermarket option. Spice jars are available from Wares of Knutsford singly or in bargain bulk packs. There are straight and shaped clear glass options with a number of different tops available – shakers, grinders, clip tops, glass stoppers, screw tops or corks.

Organising spice labels

Having sorted out your jars and the contents to go in them, make sure you don’t neglect spice jar labels – it’s all very well having a neat row of pretty jars but that’s not helpful if you can’t work out which is which! Wares of Knutsford has a wide range of spice jar labels in decorated or plain forms. Some are labelled with the names of the most popular herbs and spices and some are plain for your more exotic offerings. The Kitchen Craft spice jar labels in particular are both beautiful and practical – they come in a pack of 45, of which 41 are printed with names and four are blank. The labels are self adhesive and are attractively printed.

Jar, bottle and spice labels

Apart from the smaller spice labels, Wares of Knutsford offers a comprehensive label range suitable for all sorts of jars and bottles, particularly jams, chutneys and other preserves. There are some understated, quite plain labels allowing you put all the information on you need and a wide selection of decorated labels including funky, modern prints such as the Union Jack or sparkly tiaras and more traditional formats such as vegetable and fruit surrounds. There are also special honey labels. There are enough different patterns of labels available to fit in with any design of kitchen, modern or rustic.

Labelling information

Any bottles or jars you have filled should be labelled with a basic description of the contents. After that you may want to consider some other details – the date of production and a recommended use by date are always useful. If giving as gifts you may want to add an ingredients list to help avoid any food allergies issues, and you could also consider adding a personal message to the recipient, especially if you are giving the jar to mark an event such as a birthday or Christmas.

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