Ideas for storing spices

spice storage

Have you ever tried out a Jamie Oliver recipe? The results are great but the long lists of ingredients can be frightening – particularly once you start trying to dig out your spice jars.

The difficulty of storing spices

One of the perennial problems of organising kitchen storage is how to deal with spice jars. Some people like to keep them to hand with easy access on a wall hanger, while others like them neatly laid out in a drawer. Some keep them on a handy turntable unit, while others have never really found a method that suits and just store them in a cupboard. If you can get to grips with storing spices, however, you will find cooking is easier when your ingredients are easy to lay your hands on; in addition, your kitchen looks neater when all those little bottles are corralled into some kind of order.

Wares of Knutsford’s recommendations for storing spices

Our basic spice jars come in 100ml size with a choice or shaker or grinder tops. Clip top versions are a favourite, in 72ml, 100ml and 230ml sizes. There is also a more decorative globe-shaped clip top jar in 120ml, or a 125g square-shaped clip top jar with a green, red or orange lid.

Glass topper jars also work well for spices and are available in square, hexagonal and round shapes, in 150ml, 190ml and 205ml sizes respectively. These can be bought as a set of three.

Our best-selling spice jar is the 4oz screw top model, which is available in packs of 12, 24 or 36 or as a 192-jar bargain pack. You can choose from aluminium, black EPE and black or white Bakelite lids. We find a lot of our customers buy these to store not only spices but also all sorts of tiny items and crafty bits, such as sequins, pins and needles, gardening seeds and beads. Alternatively, you can buy 212ml glass screw top jars with a decorative print stating ‘Herbs’ or ‘Spices’.

Spice jars are also available in sets. There is a basic four-jar set of square 110ml jars with screw tops and a 20-piece jar set, which includes six 70ml square-shaped clip top jars, 12 labels, a recipe booklet and a cute wooden presentation box. This makes a great gift, as does the modern magnetic spice rack set. The latter includes six stainless steel tubes with a clear display window, which are kept on a magnetic glass stand. The tubes can be set to sprinkle or pour.

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