Storing in Plastic Jars

Plastic sweet jar taylor davisPlastic Jars are fantastic for storage

 In today’s post, we take a look at plastic storage jars and the many ways in which they can be utilised to de-clutter your home and keep it neat and tidy. Plastic jars might not look very exciting; however, once you have used them to get super-organised, you will be convinced of their charms and determined to use them whenever and wherever you can.

 Plastic jars for the kitchen

 Starting in the kitchen, there are all sorts of ways in which plastic storage can help to keep everything tidy. Rice, pasta and beans all store well in plastic containers; in addition, storing them in this way means that you avoid the ‘split pack’ problem. Use plastic jars with lids for this purpose so that the food is kept in airtight conditions.

 Sweets and biscuits are also best stored in plastic jars with lids to prevent them going stale for as long as possible. If you need to keep cookie jars out of reach of little hands, these jars can safely be stored on a high shelf, or on top of the fridge, without fear of them breaking should they be dropped.

 Plastic jars for the rest of the house

 It is not just in the kitchen that these jars come in incredibly handy. They are so versatile that they can be used in pretty much every room in the house. In the bathroom, use them for storing cotton buds, cotton wool balls and hair grips; in the children’s playroom, larger jars are perfect for holding toy parts, such as Lego, farmyard animals and jigsaw pieces, and for colouring pens and pencils. If you are forever knocking over a bag of pet food in the utility room, pour it all into one of our larger plastic jars with lids and you will solve the problem once and for all.

 Out in the shed or greenhouse, there are plenty of reasons to choose plastic storage jars. From storing nails, screws and tacks to keeping twine and plant labels close to hand, a few storage jars on a shelf will keep everything tidy and banish the annoying issue of never being able to find what you need.

 It is easy to think that plastic storage jars are just for the kitchen; however, whilst it is true that they are very handy there, they are just as useful in lots of other places around the home. If you take a good look at your organisational problems, you will soon find that plastic storage can go a long way to fixing them. Plastic is very definitely fantastic!


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