How to Store Juice

store juice

There are few flavours sunnier than freshly squeezed orange juice, or more energising than freshly pressed apple juice, but the problem is keeping juice fresh. In theory, you should drink fresh juice within a few minutes of squeezing it, but sometimes it’s necessary to either drink on the run or save your juice for later. The following advice will help you in keeping juice fresh for longer.

Go organic

The key is to maximise the nutritional content of your juice, so you need to aim for the best raw ingredients. Organic fruits and vegetables are said to have a higher nutrition content, so they should produce the healthiest juices, particularly for those fruits which are juiced with their skins.

Choose your juicer carefully

Different kinds of juicer can result in some juices that stay fresher for longer than others. Citrus juicers or centrifugal juicers work using friction and produce some heat, which can degrade the juice slightly. These juices will not store as long as others. Masticating juicers work slower and don’t produce the same levels of heat and friction, so the results will hold their freshness for a little longer, perhaps as much as 24 hours.

Store juice in a bottle

You could re-use plastic milk or water containers to store juice but sturdy, screw cap glass bottles are safer and more hygienic. Sterilised 1 litre mineral water bottles or similar styles are ideal, with tight fitting lids to avoid leakage.

How to store juice in jars

Decant your juice into jars as soon as it is produced, filling the jar close to the top to avoid leaving too much airspace – ideally no more than 1mm. Don’t worry if a little of the juice squirts out of the top of the jar when you seal it, as this just helps to minimise airspace inside. Just give the jar a quick wipe afterwards. Refrigerated the jar of juice straight away, and when you’re taking it out with you use a cool bag to maintain the cool temperature.

Drink up

While these steps will help you to keep your juice in the best possible condition for as long as possible, don’t put off drinking it for too long. The sooner you drink it, the healthier and more delicious it will be. Once the jar is opened, drink the juice in one go rather than resealing the lid and saving some for later.

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