How to store food in glass jars

How to store food in glass jars

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Not a week goes by without the media telling us about how much plastic there is in the world, most of which seems to be heading straight to landfill and ultimately polluting our rivers and seas. If you are conscious of your own plastic consumption and would like to reduce the amount you use, why not make the decision to switch to glass jars for storing food at home? In today’s blog post, we take a look at the best jars to use for general-purpose food storage.

Ditch those plastic jars – swap them for glass jars!

If your fridge and larder are full of plastic jars with lids of every colour and you would like to switch to a more sustainable alternative, glass jars are the answer. Start by storing leftover food in clip top jars, ready to take to work for lunch the next day. If you despair at the number of yoghurt pots your family gets through every week, why not try making your own natural yoghurt, storing it in individual glass jars ready to serve at breakfast or to take to work with you? Once you’ve got the hang of making your own yoghurt, you will be thinking up exciting new flavours in no time at all and will see your plastic use plummet at the same time.

Another great eco-friendly tip is to keep a close eye on all your fresh produce. If it appears that anything might go off before you get a chance to use it, make something with it and store it in a glass jar. Turn tomatoes into chutney, cauliflower into piccalilli, and use up your mushrooms by pickling them with garlic and herbs. The same goes for fruit – you can easily preserve apples, lemons, oranges and pineapples; in fact, you can preserve pretty much any fruit.

Plastic jars still have their uses

Whilst switching to glass jars is a great idea, plastic jars with lids still have their uses, especially in situations in which breakages are likely. If you want to make yoghurts, granola or potted salads for your children to take to school as a packed lunch, for example, plastic jars might be a better option than glass ones. If you are heading to the beach for an end-of-summer picnic, plastic containers may well be better suited, as the chances are high that at least one will be dropped as you make your way over that shingle beach!

If you have some great storage tips using glass jars, be sure to let us know via Twitter or Facebook and we will share the best suggestions.

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