Storage Jar with Cork

storage jars with corks

Wares of Knutsford is pleased to announce that the popular 700ml octagonal storage jar with cork is currently on sale. A wide mouthed storage jar with cork was introduced to the range by popular demand so stocks of this item at this special price are unlikely to last long – buy one while you can! Remember that Wares of Knutsford’s delivery charge is the same for any size of order, so it makes sense to buy more than one item at a time.

Decorative storage jars with corks

Cork is a fantastic, traditional natural material for securing bottles and jars, making it an ideal stopper for kitchen storage. It makes a container airtight but still allows easy access even one handed.

The key to making an impact with storage jars in the kitchen is repetition – one jar filled with pasta looks pretty banal, but a row of jars filled with a variety of dried goods such as rice, pulses, cereal, sugar, flour and dried fruit for example, not to mention the staple tea and coffee, looks stylish and pulled together. Smaller cork topped jars are pretty and convenient for spices or you can even achieve a retro, sweet shop style effect by filling the jars with colourful small sweets like jelly babies, sherbet pips or bonbons.

Storage jars with corks for children

Anyone with children knows that they have a wonderful habit of collecting all sorts of small paraphernalia that tends to litter tables, floors and any available surface at every opportunity. Providing convenient and attractive storage will not only save you damaging your feet as you tread on them, but help you to keep your house in some kind of order and encourage your children to learn good habits when it comes to looking after their belongings.

A row of corked storage jars can help them to tidily arrange small items such as marbles and beads, girly hair accessories and jewellery, lego pieces, animal figurines and other random objects which have no other home. Both the children and you will easily be able to see exactly what’s in each jar through the clear glass and the colourful bottles will look decorative lined up on a shelf.

Storage jars with corks for the dressing table

Save a couple of these storage jars with corks for yourself, as they are also ideal for feminine hardwear – cotton wool balls, cotton buds and make up can be neatly and elegantly stored to help you streamline your morning routine.

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