Storage Jar Wholesalers

storage jar wholesalers

Some people like to live in chaos, while others like to see every detail perfectly organised. For businesses it’s crucially important to keep your stock and premises well organised, both in terms of customer presentation and to keep control of stock levels and quality. At Wares of Knutsford, as storage jar wholesalers, we believe in storage jars as a great way to keep products organised by item and clearly visible.

Storage jar wholesalers for sweet shop jars

It’s hard to beat the traditional sweet shop jar for both customer appeal and practicality. A clear glass or plastic jar allows you to see easily where everything is, how much of it there is, and it looks colourful and attractive, while an airtight lid keeps produce fresh. There are a number of different kids of jars at Wares of Knutsford suitable for sweets, spices and other small items such as craft wares, beads and even toys. Modern tilted sweet jars can be stored diagonally or upright for easy access and come with a choice of coloured lids. Alternatively, Kilner Knobstopper cookie jars or Bronte jars present a beautifully traditional look.

Storage jars for all requirements

The storage jars range includes a number of other options ideal for use at home or commercially and in a number of shapes and sizes, including jars with clip top lids or hexagonal jars. There are also special jars such as Grecian shaped jars, a teddy bear shaped jar, a corked topped jar with a spoon attached, plastic jars, a two gallon barrel style drinks dispenser and smaller jars ideal for displaying items in smaller quantities. Line jars in rows on a shelf or make up a vignette of different jars to create a homely and welcoming atmosphere for your shop or business. Hotels and other hostelries often buy our smaller jars in large quantities to present jams or other preserves and sauces at mealtimes.

Jars can be bought in packs of various different sizes – remember to select a lid colour where appropriate!

Storage jar wholesalers terms

Wholesale terms are available to those buying in larger, pallet sized quantities. A minimum order of £450 applies, excluding VAT and delivery. Postage and packing is calculated on individual orders. Orders of wholesale storage jars can be made up of any mixture or products in boxed quantities for easy packaging.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your wholesale needs.

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