Stainless Steel Milk Churns

Stainless steel milk churns

Food is served on anything but plates these days – think pulled pork on wooden trays, cocktails in jars and fish served on hot stones. Plates are apparently no longer cool – however they are, in the real world, necessary and practical, which means you have to find other creative ways of serving your food.

Wares of Knutsford has plenty of imaginative serving ideas, not least of which is our stainless steel milk churn.

Stainless steel milk churns for sauces

Our stainless steel milk churns come in two sizes – mini (95ml) and small (140ml). Each is ideal for individual sized servings of sauces of all kinds, plus milk, fruit juice, cream or even condiments. Whether you are trying to achieve the smart restaurant effect at home or simply don’t like to see jars on the table, the mirror polished finish of the stainless steel milk churns will add a neat and sophisticated touch. From the Master Class range by Kitchen Craft, the traditional shape includes twin handles on the sides to make for easy pouring and the churn is dishwasher safe.

Try filling the churns with custard or cream to serve with apple pie or bread and butter pudding, apple sauce for pork or cranberry sauce to accompany the Christmas turkey. Consider adding a set of smart, polished stainless steel serving spoons for a coherent look when serving food at the table.

The churns are also ideal for steaming milk for a luxurious cappucino at Sunday brunch or for serving condiments at a buffet – mayonnaise, piccalilli etc. will look amazing served in these churns even if they are not home made!

Stainless steel milk churns for decoration

If your home is too compact for a dramatic table display or you simply prefer an understated look, try placing individual blooms or miniature posies into a stainless steel milk churn. You don’t have to worry about messy stems being visible below the waterline and even more old fashioned flowers will look modern rather than blowsy. The best effect is achieved by using one large, wide bloom such as a hydrangea with a few leaves to frame it, repeated a few times down the table. Alternatively a couple of sweet peas framed with some ferns looks clean and simple yet very sophisticated.

If you’re planning your Christmas table, these churns will fit beautifully into a silver and white theme – cover some small, architecturally interesting branches with ‘snow’ powder and place in a few churns along the table. Complement with white and silver tableware for an incredibly sophisticated table!

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