When being a square jar is not square at all

When being a square jar is not square at all 

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If we were asked to draw a jam jar, almost all of us would draw a round jar. A quick glance in the jam aisle of the supermarket will confirm that we all love our round jam jars; however, food jars come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, with fashions dictating what is currently ‘on trend’ just like in the world of clothing or interiors. Today’s post covers square glass jars and explains why square is the new round when it comes to the kitchen.

Square jars are in

When Huey Lewis and the News sang Hip to Be Square back in 1986, we are fairly sure they were not talking about jam jars. Fast forward more than 30 years, however, and it is definitely hip to be square – at least when it comes to home preserves. Square jars are the latest new trend for the kitchen enthusiasts amongst you who like to follow fashion.

If you are short of larder space or you simply like seeing your home preserves lined up neatly on the shelves, square glass jars are ideal. Their straight sides mean they stack tightly against one another, enabling you to get more jars on each shelf and not waste any valuable space. Square food jars also look much neater and work brilliantly if your jars will be on display.

Our range of square jars

We have square jam jars in various sizes, including 130ml, 200ml and 293ml. With garden mint in season, why not make your own mint sauce using the smaller size of jar? Alternatively, a tangy chilli jam would look great in the 200ml jar.

In addition to square food jars, we offer some lovely square spice jars. These jars have clip top lids to seal in freshness and flavour, with the lids available in lime green, orange or red to add a splash of colour to your kitchen shelves.

If you are a fan of Kilner jars, you can still get in on the square trend – the iconic manufacturer has released a square clip top jar in 0.5-litre and 1.5-litre sizes. We think the larger jar would look fabulous filled with pickled onions or pickled eggs!

In addition to our glass jars, we offer plenty of square plastic jars and bottles. Sizes range from 500ml right up to a whopping 2,667ml, making these jars ideal for all sorts of kitchen storage.

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