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Even the most organised domestic goddess (or god!) can struggle with efficient kitchen storage at times. One flashpoint for kitchen tidiness is finding a way of storing spices. Most people end up with a range of herbs and spices in bottles of different sizes and shapes which, if you’re lucky, will fit into a spice rack but lag way behind when it comes to looking neat, tidy and efficient.

The basics of spice storage

Storing spices neatly is not only an aesthetic concern – it can save you time and stress in the kitchen if you are in mid-recipe and can easily lay your hand upon the appropriate herb or spice for the job. The easiest way to achieve this is with a uniform rack or drawer of bottles in clear glass with easy access lids and obvious labelling. Like this you will also easily be able to see which herbs and spices are running low and need replacing.

For some people the best method of spice storage is via a rack on the wall or in a cupboard, in a tray or laid out in a drawer – these days you can buy some very helpful drawer inserts to help with this. Once you have found the appropriate place in your kitchen, work out how many herbs and spices you use on a regular basis then get a set of jars to account for each, plus a few spares. The key to neatness then is clear, simple labelling. If all your bottles look the same and are efficiently labelled, you are less likely to get confused by messy packaging and accidentally use chilli powder when what you really wanted was cinnamon!

Spice storage solutions at Wares of Knutsford

Wares of Knutsford can supply spice jars in a range of shapes and sizes, plus a 20 piece spice jar set and a magnetic storage rack.

You can choose between round, square or hexagonal jars, according to which best fits your chosen storage method. There are various different choices of lid, such as simple screw tops, glass knob stoppers or clip tops in different colours. These can be helpful to colour code so that you can use orange for spices and green for herbs, for example. You can also choose between shaker and grinder lids. Various pack sizes make buying economical and as usual, Wares charges a flat postage rate no matter how much you order.

Once you have chosen your jars, don’t forget to add some labels to go with them!

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