Small Sample Jars

sample jars

Wares of Knutsford is proud of the variety of its jam jar range, and in particular of a new addition from this year. The 30ml mini jam jar in clear glass is the smallest in the range and has been sourced as a result of customer demand. The screw on lid is vinegar proof and heat sealable and comes in a choice of three colours: gold, silver and black. The 30m mini jam jars are available in packs of 12, 24, 36 and a 192 jar bargain pack, which offers great value for those who like to bulk buy.

Preserve sample jars

The 30ml size makes ideal sample jars, for those who want to give out testers of their home made preserves. Allowing customers to sample the product beforehand can be the best form of advertising, and if your preserves are tasty enough they are sure to come back and buy some of the full size versions! This can be done at farmers markets, fairs or any other kid of event where potential customers are plentiful.

Sample jars for lots of different products

Previous customers have told us that they have used our miniature jars to give out sample jam jars filled with all sorts of products apart from jam – you could also fill the jars with testers of chutneys, sauces, honey and even home made cosmetic products.

No matter what you put in the jars, make sure you sterilise them before use so that the contents remain fresh and in the best condition and to avoid contamination with bacteria. You should always label your jars carefully, not only so that potential customers know what they are sampling, but also according to regulations set by Trading Standards.

Sample jars as favours

30ml mini jam jars have been popular not only with small business clients, but also with customers buying the to use as favours at weddings and other events. As well as preserves, they can be filled with tiny sweets, special teas or exotic coffee, bath salts, flavoured sugars or little beads for younger guests. Home made favours are becoming increasingly popular as a way to avoid the anonymity of commercially bought favours, allowing the bride and groom to express their personality and their creative skills as well as save money. Make sure you include some personal details on the jar labels, such as the date of the event and maybe your names and the location.

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