Mini Glass Milk Bottles

small glass milk bottles

Do you remember being served milk in a small glass bottle with a straw, every day at school break time? If so, you’ll be particularly delighted by Wares of Knutsford’s new small glass milk bottle range. Even if that era was before your time, you’ll still be charmed by the simple bottles. The vintage style bottles come in 250ml and 500ml sizes, with twist off lids in a choice of gold, silver or black. The bottles can be bought in three pack sizes – 12, 24 and 36, with the unit price getting cheaper as the pack size gets larger.

Using small glass milk bottles as wedding favours

Many customers have been buying the small glass milk bottles to use as part of their wedding celebrations, as a neat and elegant way of displaying wedding favours and table decorations. Today’s weddings tend to be simpler in style than in days gone by and a simple posy of flowers in the clear glass bottles often looks more appropriate and stylish than elaborate (and expensive!) arranged flowers.

For wedding favours, couples have been filling the bottles with all sorts of goodies including sweets, trinkets and home made cordials and liqueurs. This is not only less costly than bought in wedding favour arrangements but is also more personal. Don’t forget to set up some decorative labels to mark the occasion including the date, location and other salient details. If there’s time and space, you can create a label specific to each guest, including their name.

Along with table decorations, the small glass bottles make lovely displays in the home. Drop a few small, coloured glass beads in the bottom and use to display flowers from your garden which are only available in small quantities. You may not have enough to make an impressive bunch, but one or two blooms in a trio of bottles makes for a pretty, unpretentious arrangement.

Small glass milk bottles for children’s drinks

Children will be charmed by the idea of drinking out of glass bottles with a straw. Not only the novelty factor but the adult appeal of the clear glass (make sure they handle with care!) rather than bright plastic will make them feel grown up.

If you’re struggling to persuade your child to drink milk, water or other healthy beverages, use the small glass bottles to up their attractiveness. Children can be easily bribed with novelties!

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