Tea Light Jam Jars

small glass jars

Save money and gain points for your creativity by using a bunch of jam jars or small glass jars as tea light holders. You can use them simply to decorate your garden while you enjoy the summer evenings, or create a charming effect at events such as weddings.

Decorating Small Glass Jars

There are a number of very pretty but very simple concepts you can use – this one is ideal for literary fans, for which you will need:

  • Small glass jars
  • Spare pages from books
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Masking tape
  • Paint and paint brushes

Make sure your jars are clean and free from the residue of label glue that can hang around through numerous wash circles – if you’re struggling, use a specific label remover.

Unless you have a very steady hand, use marking tape to section off an inch at the top and another at the bottom of each jar, then paint in a colour of your choice. You will probably need two or three coats to achieve a solid finish.

Now trim your spare book pages, which need to be the thin, matte paper rather than the thick shiny finish. Trim off the top margin, then measure your page against the clear section of your jar, between the painted top and bottom. You will need to leave a slight margin at the sides to allow for an overlap when joining pages.

Dilute the glue with an equal part of water so it’s slightly runny. Lay your page on a piece of cardboard and paint a thin, even layer of glue all over the back – you need enough glue to stick but not to make the page too soggy. Smooth the paper around your jar carefully, removing any air bubbles. You will probably need another page to encircle the jar completely, which you should cut so that the lines of writing meet neatly and follow on.

Decorate the tops of the jars with a ribbon or some beads and insert a tea light for a soft, romantic light effect.

Other Ideas for Small Glass Jars

Small glass jars can be placed around the garden or room individually, hung by wrapping a length of wire around the neck and forming a loop at the top, or hung in a line by stringing a number at even intervals along a wire.

If book pages as decoration don’t appeal, you can use the same method to decorate your jars with offcuts of pretty fabric or thick paper with a motif stamped out, allowing the candlelight to shine through the holes.

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