Small glass jars at wholesale prices

Small glass jars at wholesale prices

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There is a common saying that the best things come in small packages, and here at Wares we see this frequently. From heavenly little DIY wedding favours created by enthusiastic brides-to-be to miniature preserves lovingly put together by artisan makers and home enthusiasts, smaller sizes sometimes suit a project perfectly. In today’s blog post we take a look at some of our small glass jars and reveal the kind of savings that are available by buying these jars on wholesale terms.

Our range of small glass jars

We carry a truly extensive range of small jars and bottles in every conceivable shape and size. Whether you are looking for jars that can be used to create unique and inspired wedding favours for your big day or are an artisan producer of exquisite homemade pickles and preserves, we have the jar that is just right for you.

In addition to our standard range of smaller glass jars, we have some exciting new lines currently in stock. Our 138ml squat preserving jars are great for small samples, specialist preserves such as spicy jellies, and more unusual jams and marmalades. These jars are available with a variety of different lid designs to suit your particular preserving project down to a T.

Also new to Wares is the classic German brand Weck. Weck jars feature a unique clip top system that uses a rubber seal, much like Kilner jars, along with two metal clips that form the seal. Jars start as small as 35ml and are available in a terrine-style shape or in a taller shape that resembles a rather stylish jam jar. For something a little out of the ordinary and guaranteed to catch people’s eye, this new range from Weck is highly recommended.

Buying small glass jars wholesale

As with almost all of our jars and bottles, our smaller jars are available in volume quantities for fantastic cost savings. As an example, the squat preserving jars mentioned earlier are available in pack sizes ranging from 12 jars right up to 500; the larger the quantity purchased, the better the cost savings. For producers who meet our trade terms, our jars are also available to buy on wholesale terms. Buying small glass jars wholesale cuts down on delivery costs and means that the risk of breakages is reduced, since the jars are delivered securely wrapped on a pallet.

If you would like to find out more about buying in bulk or about opening a trade account with us, simply get in touch by email or call us on 01477 537224.

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