Small Glass Jars with Lids

Small Glass Jars with Lids

When it comes to home preserves, it is easy to think that big is best and that a 1lb jar is the perfect size for every conceivable jam, pickle or preserve; however, sometimes the best things really do come in small parcels and a much smaller jar is more appropriate. Here we take a look at some of our small glass jars and highlight some creative and inspiring ways in which to use them.

Introducing our small glass jars

We will classify a small jar as one with a capacity of less than 120ml. We have a wide choice of different sizes within this range, with the smallest jars just 30ml in size. There are jars with lids that screw on and jars with clip top lids, jars that look just like a miniature standard jam jars and fancier jars in all kinds of shapes, from hexagonal to globe shaped and more besides.

Creative ideas for small glass jars

There are lots of times when a standard jam jar is not the right si

Three small jars of marmalade or jam on wooden table. Toned image

ze for a particular preserving project; for example, if you run a B&B or regularly have guests to stay, offering jam and marmalade in miniature pots is a great idea to steal from the big hotels. Another great idea is to use these little jars to give as gifts. Instead of presenting friends and family with a large jar of one flavour, add some variety by giving them a set of three or more jars, each filled with a different jam or chutney.

These small jars with lids also make fantastic spice jars; in addition, we have some slim jars within our range that are the traditional shape for spice jars. With a batch of jars such as these, you can do away with supermarket herbs and spices and buy fresher, more authentic versions from an independent store or ethnic food outlet. Once you have tasted the difference, you will never go back to big brand herbs and spices!

We can’t mention these smaller jars without talking about wedding favours. Brides from across the country turn to us for dinky glass jars with lids to use on their wedding tables to hold their wedding favours, with ideas including traditional sweets and more inventive options such as homemade fudge, nuts and even wild flower seeds!

Whatever idea you have for your next jam or chutney making session, why not consider using some smaller jars and seeing where this leads you?

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