Small glass jars with a difference

Small glass jars with a difference 

various jars of fruit jam on wooden table

No matter what kind of preserve or infusion you are making, or what kind of craft project you are embarking upon, choosing the right jar for the job is really important if you want the finished item to look as good as it possibly can. In today’s blog post, we take a look at some of our small jam jars to showcase some of the quirky designs and stylish details available.

Small glass jars in unusual shapes

Whether you are looking for the perfect jar to use for wedding favours or want to create some home preserves in smaller-sized jars, we have an extensive range of small jam jars to choose from; for example, our 106ml globe jam jars work really well for holding boiled sweets as wedding favours and looks fabulous topped with a ribbon and a circular label on the lid. If you are aiming for a more angular look, try our 130ml square jam jars. These are perfect for making up sets of three or five different preserves to give as gifts for birthdays or other occasions. Choose a few different flavours of jam, such as raspberry, blackberry and plum, and make small batches of each. Add one jar of each flavour to a gift bag or box and you have a great gift that looks just as professional as shop-bought versions.

Small glass jars with embossed detail New EMBOSSED JARS 2

New to the range at Wares is the 50ml fruit embossed jam jar. This cute little jar has an embossed fruit design running just below the neck of the jar. Lids for these jars are available in black, gold or silver, and the jars themselves are available in pack sizes of 12, 24, 36, 100, 200 or 300! These are great to use for samples or for individual portions for use in a B&B or guesthouse setting.

If you are a fan of Kilner’s iconic glass jars, the embossed small jam jars in Kilner’s range will appeal to you. There is a 125ml round clip top jar in the range, embossed with the Kilner logo on the front, along with a faceted 250ml clip top jar, again with the logo embossed on the front. Just as stylish as the rest of the Kilner range, these jars provide a real sense of nostalgia and will draw admiring glances when filled with tasty preserves and sitting neatly on your kitchen shelves.

Don’t limit yourself to standard jar sizes – check out our range of smaller jars to see what creative ideas they spark.

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