Small Gift Bottles

Small gift bottles

Wares of Knutsford offers an amazing range of kitchen and cooking equipment, both traditional and modern. However the company began as a preserving specialist and jars and bottles are still the mainstay of our inventory. The small gift bottles section of the shop is particularly useful at Christmas, for people who are having guests to stay or who are planning to make rather than buy gifts for people. Alternatively these bottles fly out of the shop to be used for favours at weddings and other events.

Small gift bottles for drinks

Our miniature gift bottles range is ideal for home made liqueurs such as sloe or damson gin, quince vodka, cherry brandy, limoncello or chilli vodka! All the bottles in the range hold 100ml or less and the range includes basic and fancy shapes of bottle. A line of these filled with a mixture of colourful liqueurs looks as decorative as it does delicious.

Along with the size and shape of bottle you want to buy, you need to consider what kind of lid you want. There are bottles with black plastic screw tops, corks or even swing tops in the range.

The bottles can be bought in packs of six, 12, 24 or 36, and wholesale prices are available upon request. Before you fill the bottles always remember to sterilise them first and don’t forget to label them clearly!

Small gift bottles for cosmetics and crafting

If you make your own cosmetics products then you have an ideal pool of gifts for people without having to queue up at the shops. When presenting these you can make them look professional in a smart glass bottle. The Wares of Knutsford miniature gift bottles selection includes clear and coloured glass in a choice of blue, green or amber. Coloured glass is traditionally used to protect the contents from being degrading by the light and heat of the sun, but let’s be honest – they look really pretty too! Bottles come in a range of shapes and with all sorts of stops, including dropper bottles.

The small bottle range is ideal for gift size body lotions, cleansers and aromatherapy blends. Make sure you label your gift bottle clearly, describing its contents, any instructions for usage and, if necessary, a use by date. As with bottles for drinks, those being used for cosmetics must be sterilised before you fill them.

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