Shredded Paper for Gift Boxes

shredded paper

The new packaging department at Wares of Knutsford was opened due to popular demand. Quite simply, our customers kept asking us for packaging items and we always like to oblige. Apart from a selection of boxes and bags designed to present bottles and jars, ribbons and hamper boxes, you will find fine shredded paper for hampers in four colours: brown, red, green and vanilla. These can be used to pad out the bottom of hamper boxes and gift bags and are coloured to co-ordinate with the range of packaging available on our site. However, we have found a number of other uses for our fine cut shredded paper.

Shredded paper for gift boxes

Using the fine cut shredded paper for hampers as it was intended, you can make pretty Easter baskets, Christmas hampers or presentation boxes for any kind of gift. Simply fill out the bottom of the box or basket with a comfortable bed of paper and lay the contents on top. Then wrap our box or hamper and decorate accordingly.

Making a sensory bin out of shredded paper for gift boxes

Research has proved that child development is encouraged by sensory play experiences. Use fine cut shredded paper to fill small boxes or larger bins and hide objects within it. As children ruffle their hands through the paper to discover the contents, they will develop their sensory skills. Alternatively you can provide them with tongs or other implement to pick up the paper, which develops fine motor skills. This could keep your children entertained for some time but in a nice atmosphere of industrious calm – for both you and them! You can then provide some clean, empty plastic bottle and their lids and ask children to fill the bottles with the shredded paper to really challenge those fine motor skills again.

You could get adventurous and fill a very large box with shredded paper and put your child inside to play in it for an interesting sensory variation on the ball pen!

Shredded paper craft

Similarly, our fine cut shredded paper is great for crafts. Provide children with some brightly coloured background sheets as canvas and some glue, and ask them to create snowmen, animals, flowers, landscapes and other shapes out of shredded paper. Fine motor skills will be practised again along with artistic interpretation.

If you also have a child who likes playing with pretend food items in a small kitchen of their own, use shredded paper to represent coleslaw, spaghetti or noodles, for example, thus avoiding the mess of the real thing!

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