Shaped jars

Shaped jars

Tomato and chili sauce, jam, confiture in a glass jar on a grey stone background.

If asked to draw a jam jar, most people would draw the archetypal 1lb jam jar – clear glass, straight sides and a round metal lid; however, there are many different styles and shapes of jar and it can be hard to decide which is best for a specific job. In today’s post, we look at some of the shapes of jar we have available.

Shaped jars for specific tasks

Whether we buy our food in supermarkets or in the local delicatessen, we often take the jar for granted. On closer inspection, however, it is plain to see that there are some conventions when it comes to what type of food is presented in each shape of jar. If you are expanding your home preserves repertoire, using the right shape of jar can help to give your produce a professional touch.

Our 140ml clear yoghurt pots are perfect for homemade yogurt, fruit fools and chocolate mousse. They are also ideal for anyone who makes their own baby food, as they are a similar shape to most commercial baby foods. Our olive jars are the same tall and thin shape as jars of olives found in supermarkets. Even jars of pasta sauce have their own unique shape – like a jam jar at the base but tapering very slightly towards the neck. Using these jars to store your own pasta sauce or passata will give it an authentic Italian look.

Shaped jars to give as gifts

Whilst many of our glass jars are suited to a specific task, we also carry a huge range of fancy shaped jars that can really set off a gift to make it look extra special. Even a humble batch of jam can be turned into something altogether more elegant when presented in a set of our Trittico nesting jars or in our gourmet jars.

Our traditional sweet jars are brilliant for homemade macaroons or cookies. Along with our globe and gourmet jars, these are often used to hold wedding favours. Topped off with a pretty ribbon or a colourful label, these jars look appealing whatever the occasion.

Jars for themed parties

If you are hosting a themed party, it can be tricky to find the right accessories to set off the theme. We have a large range of vintage-inspired glass jars that will help to set the tone for any retro style party. For an even older look, our jars with stoppers conjure up images of Victorian doctors concocting potions and powders. These apothecary-inspired jars are perfect for quirky parties or for Harry Potter-themed events.

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