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set of enamel mugs

Wares of Knutsford presents an excellent selection of enamelware products, ideal for camping trips, picnics etc. but also to lend a funky, retro look to your kitchen.

Practical reasons to buy a set of enamel mugs

Enamelware is excellent for cooking and food presentation thanks to its durability. It is smooth and hard, it doesn’t stain, burn, scratch, chip or rust and is easy to clean. More importantly, enamel is an excellent conductor or heat so that foods cooked or served in enamel retain heat evenly and for a long time. It can be used on electric and gas hobs and is oven and dishwasher safe.

Enamelware is made of a base of steel, with a porcelain coating fused on top. The manufacturing process allows enamelware to be produced in bright colours with no risk of fading.

Wares of Knutsford is pleased to supply enamelware by Falcon, which has been making the products since the 1920s, both in traditional styles and bringing enamelware right up to date with modern products and colours.

Falcon set of enamel mugs

Made in the traditional enamelware colours of bright white with a blue rim, this set of four mugs could come in really handy. Apart from brightening up your morning tea or coffee on a daily basis, they are practical to use for picnics, festivals and other events. Apart from the traditional white and blue colourway, the mugs can also be bought in bold red or bright blue, and teapots in matching colourways are also available.

You needn’t feel restricted to drinking from them – use your imagination and serve your chips in a set of enamel mugs for a funky, modern look. Don’t forget to provide plenty of salt and vinegar for a really vintage feel!

Going beyond enamel mugs

Try classic enamel bakeware and serving dishes to lend that traditional look to your whole kitchen. It’s pretty as well as practical and looks very individual compared to the matching sets found elsewhere. Apart from cookware, plates and mugs, there are enamelware bread bins and billycans. Just accessorise with a few vintage style kitchen items such as wooden spoons, balance scales or other items from the Wares ‘Vintage Kitchen’ section.

Traditional comfort foods such as shepherd’s pies, sticky toffee puddings and Sunday roasts look great served in enamelware and it’s easy to match the simple blue and white colour theme to a number of other basic items such as tea towels or storage canisters.

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