Sea Grass Storage Baskets

sea grass baskets

Woven baskets have long been a popular storage solution and those crafted from sea grass are especially appealing. Constructed around a metal frame, they are sturdy yet light. Many also have robust handles, allowing you to move them easily. They can be used in a variety of ways around the home to not only minimise clutter but create an attractive storage solution for your household products.

Great kitchen storage with sea grass baskets

These baskets are an ideal choice for the kitchen, possessing plenty of rustic charm. Use them in your cupboards to keep small items such as spice jars tidy, or display on shelving and tables as an unusual fruit or vegetable bowl. Available as a set featuring a range of different sizes, the baskets stack neatly inside each other when not in use. The flat bottom of these sets of nesting baskets means that bottles and jars can be stored safely without the risk of spillage. They are also the perfect way to display fresh produce for shops, farms and markets stalls. Additionally, sea grass baskets make ideal containers for gifts. If you are preparing a special hamper of food and drink items as a birthday or Christmas present, they make a wonderful alternative to cardboard boxes or traditional wicker baskets.

Sea grass baskets around the home

The baskets are also extremely useful around the rest of the house. A large sea grass basket in the living room can be used as a coal basket or somewhere to store magazines. Smaller versions make handy containers for household accessories such as phone chargers and television remote controls. This type of storage is extremely popular in bathrooms and baskets of beauty products or toiletries look smart displayed in an open-fronted storage unit. Parents of young babies know just how much paraphernalia they need. Use different storage baskets to separate out the different bits of necessary equipment, such as bibs in one, socks in another. Keeping nappy changing supplies in one large basket in the nursery will ensure you have everything you need close to hand in an emergency. As the children grow, sea grass baskets are the ideal way to help them keep their assorted small toys tidy and mess to a minimum.

These smart baskets are a chic and stylish way to keep your living space free of clutter. Whether you use them for toys, culinary products or even to keep your garden shed tidy, sea grass storage baskets are a clever solution for any home.

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