Screw Top Glass Bottles

screw top bottles

Glass bottles are one of the most useful products for those with an interest in preserving food or home brewing. Hardwearing, easy to clean and reusable, they can be used to store a wide variety of different foods and beverages.

Using Screw Top Bottles in the Kitchen

Screw top bottles have a number of useful features that make them the perfect choice for storing all your carefully-crafted preserves and sauces. Clear screw top bottles are an attractive option, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the delicious produce inside. Screw top lids are simple to fit and resealable to allow you to keep your food fresher for longer. Both plastic and aluminium foil lids can be used in a variety of colours. These lids feature ridges for increased grip to improve ease of opening and an option to include an EPE liner for an airtight seal to minimise the risk of spoilage. Tall square glass bottles are the perfect container for homemade sauces or ketchups whilst round bottles with slender necks are a great choice for salad dressings. Create flavoured oils by placing ingredients such as garlic, herbs or chillies inside vintage-style glass bottles. Fill with good quality olive oil, allow the flavours to mature and develop then use to add extra piquancy to your cooking.

Screw Top Bottles for Home Brewing

Making your own wines, beers and spirits is a fun pastime that has become extremely popular in recent years. Homemade wine requires some time to mature so once it has fermented in the demi-john, it can be transferred to glass wine bottles ready to be laid down. If you have used a home brewing kit to create your own lager or bitter, this can be stored in traditional style glass beer bottles for an authentic pub touch. Skittle bottles or old-fashioned medicine-style bottles are perfect for homemade liqueurs such as sloe gin and make lovely presentation bottles if you decide to give away your creations as gifts to family and friends. Miniature screw top glass bottles are also extremely useful if you wish to decant your home-brewed liqueurs into smaller containers. These make excellent Christmas stocking fillers, attractive and unusual wedding favours or great additions to gift hampers.

Screw top glass bottles have a large number of uses in the home. Simple to seal and easy to reuse, they are a must-have for anyone interested in preserving, bottling or home brewing.

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