Collecting sand in bottles

sand in bottles

Today we live in a frantically busy world. Family time is at a premium and never has the time spent together on days out and holidays been so precious. Get the kids away from computer screens and games consoles and out into the fresh air – play cricket on the beach, stroll coastal paths and paddle in the sea. Create memories they can hang onto for life – and help them to do so by creating souvenirs and keepsakes…

Sea shells and sand in bottles

Bring part of your day out home with you in the form of natural souvenirs – sea shells, driftwood, sand dollars, pebbles, seagull feathers and beach sand itself don’t cost a thing and can evoke the most amazing memories of beach holidays and family days out. They can also be arranged to form decorative features in the home – and are certainly more attractive than ‘Transformers’ posters on a child’s bedroom!

Decorating with sand in bottles

Consider telling a story of a life lived in sand – collecting sand from all the beaches you visit and displaying it in bottles. You can use decorative bottles and jars in contrasting styles or go for the uniform approach. Either way it’s a very creative and unique art form.

At Wares of Knutford we are always entertained and impressed by how our customers use the jars and bottles and always encourage them to tell us all about it. Their creativity is amazing, and one particularly sweet idea involved displaying sand in bottles on a set of glass shelves in a cabinet, with a map of the world used as a backdrop. Each bottle contained sand of a slightly different colour and was labelled with the location and date of where and when the sand was collection. The result was not only unique but really very stylish. You could arrange something similar at home – try using photos taken at the same beach as your display backdrop, showing the fun you had.

Another cute display feature involved building layers of sand in a large bottle. Each layer of sand was a slightly different colour and was labelled, again, with the relevant location and date. You can expand you display by adding other items such as photos and any other souvenirs collected at the same place.

If you were lucky enough to enjoy a beach proposal or wedding, consider using bottles of collected sand and local souvenirs as part of the decorative theme at the wedding itself or at anniversaries, making the event really personal for you and your guests.

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