Salad recipes in glass jars

Salad recipes in glass jars 

healthy vegetable salad in mason jar

With summer holidays and days on the beach just around the corner, many of us are thinking about how to lose a pound or two to fit into last year’s swimsuit and shorts. After a long cold winter of eating hearty stews and puddings, now is the time when we look for something lighter. One way of losing some weight without really trying is to ditch the lunchtime sandwiches in favour of a healthy and nutritious salad. With so many salad vegetables coming into season right now, we are spoilt for choice. In today’s blog post, we take a look at how to use Mason Ball jars to hold fresh and appetising salads.

Making salads in glass jars

If you have ever tried to take a salad to work in a plastic storage container, you have probably had one of two unsatisfactory experiences. Either your salad dressing and oil has leaked all over your bag on the way to work, or you have opened the lid to find a wet, oily mess that looks distinctly unappetising.

One way of overcoming these issues is to use Mason Ball jars to hold your daily salad. These jars have strong, reliable screw top lids, so there is no chance of anything leaking out. By stacking your salad in this kind of jar, you can put the oil and dressing at the bottom, along with your chosen ingredients that work well in oil, and keep the ingredients that go soggy in oil at the top of the jar. Provided you stick to the principle that the dressing goes at the bottom, followed by crisp, crunchy ingredients or grains, with delicate items such as salad leaves at the top, your salad in a jar will work perfectly.

What are the options for a salads in glass jars?

The world is your oyster when it comes to what to put in your Mason Ball jars. Try starting with a light low-fat dressing, then adding sliced apple, radish and celery. Layer in some quinoa or chopped walnuts before filling up the jar with baby salad leaves.

Courgettes are starting to come into season right now and make an excellent choice for a salad in a jar. Again, start with the dressing of your choice, then add the courgette. If you have a spiraliser, use this to make courgette noodles, as these will work brilliantly in a jar. Add quinoa and spring onions before topping up the jar with cubes of feta cheese.

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