Roasting pans for those turkeys

Roasting pans for those turkeys

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Are you the type of person who glides through Christmas Day like a military commander, with every detail precision-planned and executed to a strict schedule to deliver an amazing feast for 20 guests? Or are you more like the rest of us mere mortals, getting distracted by friends and family, forgetting to put the sprouts on in time, and worrying whether the turkey will even fit in the oven, let alone be cooked in time? A happy medium between these two extremes is perhaps the most desirable state to be in. Whilst we can’t guarantee that your Christmas Day cooking will go smoothly, we can offer a few words of advice on how to make sure your turkey is cooked to perfection.

Roasting pans to the rescue

With so many Christmases under our belts, you would think that most of us would have learned to think about the baking pans we will need on the day; however, all too often we buy the turkey, plan the roast potatoes and roast root vegetables, and only remember on Christmas Day that we don’t actually have enough baking pans in the right sizes to cook everything we had planned. This Christmas, it is time to get organised and to ensure you have the right pan for your turkey and for anything else that needs to go in the oven at the same time. Make sure you choose a pan that is big enough for your turkey to sit in comfortably, as it will need plenty of space around the sides to cook well.

You will also need a pan for your roast potatoes and any roast vegetables, such as parsnips, carrots, or Jerusalem artichokes. If you have any vegetarian guests coming for Christmas lunch and you plan to cook them a nut roast or similar, you will also need a pan for that.

Roasting pans

We have a range of stunning roasting pans that will do your turkey proud this year. Our heavy duty deep roasting pans are superb and really look the part on Christmas Day. They are suitable for all heat sources, apart from induction hobs, so you can use them to make the gravy in once the turkey is cooked and resting. Starting at 32cm x 23cm, these pans go up in size to a whopping 37cm x 27cm – big enough for even the most substantial turkey! They also come with a 10-year guarantee, so you know they will perform for many Christmases to come.

For fattier birds, such as goose, you may also like to consider a roasting rack.

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