Reusing Cosmetic Jars

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Lovely cosmetic jars

Reusing your cosmetic jars

 We recently wrote about making homemade face creams and showcased our gorgeous range of cosmetics jars to use for this type of project. Making your own cosmetics is a great way to do something positive for the environment and you can even take things one step further by reusing your cosmetics jars once you have finished with them. You might want to make another batch of homemade face cream, of course, but here are some alternative uses.

 Creative ways to reuse your cosmetic jars

 The first thing to remember with used cosmetics jars is that they are containers! Think of the clutter in your house and you will soon find a use for that small glass cosmetic jar you have just emptied. Spray paint the outside and then use the jar to store earrings, hairgrips or even false nails! Alternatively, glue a small magnet to the lid and fix it to the fridge – hey presto, you have a tiny screw-on container. If you decorate the jar with a photo in the base, you will have a totally unique fridge magnet.

 One of our favourite craft ideas for these jars is to create a miniature sewing kit. How many times have you been caught out by a button coming off your coat or the hem on your skirt coming undone? With a handy little sewing kit in your bag, you could fix the problem no matter where you are! We promise – once you have tried this idea, you will never be without a little sewing kit for emergencies!

 If your desk looks a complete mess, why not reuse some of these jars to get yourself organised? Store paper clips, drawing pins and loose change in separate jars and add a 1lb jam jar as a pencil pot. Leave them plain for a vintage thrift look or decorate with pictures cut from magazines and glued onto the sides.


One final idea is to use these jars as tealight holders. Again, you can leave them plain or spray paint them in different colours for a rainbow effect.

 Cosmetic jars in all shapes and sizes

 Our cosmetic jar range includes jars in a variety of sizes and colours. From a simple clear glass cosmetic jar to a traditional smoked glass ointment jar, there is a jar to suit all requirements. Why not browse the range today to see whether you are tempted into the world of homemade cosmetics? Once you have used your jars, you might also be tempted to reuse them creatively with one or more of the ideas we have suggested.


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