Restaurant Enamel Plate Supplier

enamel plate supplierWares of Knutsford is all about celebrating our clients’ personal cooking achievements, but we also serve a large professional consumer sector. Small businesses and restaurants have found our wholesale service and quantity discounts suit them very well. Apart from our large, bulk packs of jars and bottles, Wares of Knutsford is building a place as a restaurant enamel plate supplier, particularly from our extensive range of traditional enamelwares.

White and blue enamel plate supplier

The iconic white enamelware with a blue rim by Falcon has found a number of uses over the years. Popular with campers and on picnics as much as in the home and for baking, Wares of Knutsford stocks one of the widest ranges of enamelware in the UK. In the traditional white with a blue rim you’ll find coffee and tea pots, mugs, jugs, plates, pie dishes, pans and roasting tins, plus bread bins and a billy can.

The style and colourway of this range is instantly recognisable, and popular not just for its simple good looks but also for its durability and functionality. Details of the range include round or oval pie dishes in sizes from 18cm to 26cm, with a quantity discount available for order of four dishes or more. The plate range is available from 20cm to 26cm and includes rice plates of 18cm to 24cm and soup plates of 22cm to 24cm.

Enamel baking and roasting tins can be bought open or lidded, again in a variety of sizes.

Cream enamel plate supplier

If you’re looking for the same classic design you can also choose from our cream and coloured enamelware stock. An edited range of our most popular white and blue enamelware products can also be bought in cream, again with the traditional blue rim – there’s a bread bin, pie dish, lidded roasters in 22.5cm and 30cm sizes and a selection of baking and roasting pans.

Our enamel jugs, mugs, tea and coffee pots can be bought to match or you can go for bright blue, red or black, plus there’s a vibrant red jam pan by Kilner.

For serious cooking, consider also the black vitreous enamel department for grill pans, lidded roasters, baking and roasting pans and trays and a Yorkshire pudding tray.

If you are considering Wares of Knutsford as a restaurant plate supplier, please do contact us to ask about wholesale rates and delivery. Wholesale orders require a £450 minimum order and are delivered on pallets. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you organise your wholesale requirements.

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