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enamel plates

With the world celebrating the birth of a new baby princess in the UK, it’s going to be a patriotic summer! Red, white and blue will be seen everywhere, so make sure to put your own stylish twist on the theme with the help of Wares of Knutsford’s enamelware collection.

Red, white and blue enamel plates

Wares of Knutsford’s enamelware collection is extremely popular with those celebrating a slightly retro or royal look. The red, white and blue colour scheme is classic and enduring but ideal for this summer’s fashion trends. The collection includes tea pots, mugs, jugs, bakeware, plates and bowls, pie dishes and pudding basins and bread bins.

Enamelware is popularly used for camping trips, as it is durable, lightweight and hard to damage. However Wares of Knutsford has noticed its enamelware becoming increasingly popular with trend conscious buyers looking to add a retro theme in their kitchen and with serious cooks seeking out enamelware for its excellent cooking properties.

As a material for kitchenware, enamelware is extremely practical. It is hard and smooth, resistant to chemicals, chips and scratches, it remains colourfast even under heavy use, it does not burn and is easy to clean. Enamelware can be used in the oven up to 270C, on electric and gas hobs and is dishwasher safe.

The Falcon range of enamelware has been found in British homes since the 1920s and its distinctive colourway of white base with a blue rim has become a design classic which manages to fit in beautifully with rustic, traditional and modern styles of kitchen. However Wares of Knutsford also sells enamelware in cream and some items in a bold blue, red or black.

White and red enamel plates

A recent addition to the Wares of Knutsford enamelware collection is a set of four white and red enamel plates, made by Falcon. The plates come in 26cm size with a flat centre in white and a red rim. The plates can be bought as a one off or will combine beautifully with other white and blue enamelware from the range. This is a great way to incorporate the summer’s patriotic trend into your home décor in an elegant style which will endure in the long term.

The plates can be used on an everyday basis as part of your dinner set but are practical enough to be used on picnics and camping.

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