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Red is the boldest and most vibrant of colours and using it to decorate your home adds impact to any room. From rust to pillar-box to cherry, red will lend warmth and depth to any home décor scheme.

If you’re brave you can go for large bursts of red on the walls, floor and furnishings. Surprisingly this often works well in a smaller room, such as an office, where it gives a cosy, enveloping feel. Too much red in a large room can simply appear overpowering. If you’re not quite ready to embrace such a dramatic scheme, adding one distinctive item such as a vintage dresser painted a warm scarlet can add a touch of glamour to a neutral room.

When it comes to the kitchen, neutral is often the best policy as replacement furniture and worktops are expensive and labour-heavy. Sticking to traditional whites, blacks, creams and greys for the major installations allows you to accessorise with other tones on a budget and change the colour scheme at will.

Start With a Red Kettle…

In a smart, chic, monochrome kitchen, a red kettle will provide an eye-catching focal point without adding clutter for those who prefer a simple look. If you love red but prefer a minimalist scheme in your kitchen, you can splash red on the accessories that are usually hidden away in cupboards and drawers. However once you open up the doors, red kitchenwares will give a refreshing explosion of brightness – think red colander, scales, tea caddy and mixing bowls. However if the minimalist look is not for you, building up the red accents can give a very traditional, homely feel.

To Match Your Red Kettle, a Red Breadbin?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to accessorising with red. If you’re the type of cook who likes to keep their cookware to hand for regular use rather than tucked away, then red is universally fashionable – it works with ultra-modern or vintage schemes. Once you’ve added the classic worktop elements such as a red kettle, red breadbin, red mug tree, teapot or cafetiere, you can get even more creative. Consider painting unexpected areas such as the insides of cupboards and shelving units bold scarlet, or painting the kitchen chairs or table legs fire engine red. Co-ordinating linens such as tea towels, tablecloths and curtains looks great in different patterns such as checks, spots and floral. Rather than clashing, if you keep them all to the same shade they look rich and interesting.

The lovely thing is it’s up to you. A red kettle standing alone in a white kitchen looks amazing yet at the other extreme by accessorising to the max you can get that extremely bold look without spending a fortune replacing your whole kitchen.

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