Red Kitchen Accessories

red kitchen accessories

The wedding list used to be an essential part of any marriage ceremony, helping a couple to build up all the necessities needed to start a home together. However in these days of cohabitation wedding lists tend to be populated with indulgences rather than household basics. Nonetheless, there’s always a case for funky kitchen items as a gift on any occasion and red works for everyone.

Red Kitchens or Red Kitchen Accessories?

Red in particular lends itself to various kitchen schemes. It’s bold enough for bright, modern kitchens and works well with neutrals for a more traditional décor. Both geometric, linear patterns or rustic rose motifs are enlivened with a touch of red.

Red units work best in a modern scheme if they are flat and glossy, like a race car. More traditional, rustic schemes benefit from a more muted tone. If the furniture is a step too far, modern engineered stone worktops come in some amazing reds, some with a glitter finish, while there are some natural granites in amazing warm reds.

If you can’t commit to a full red scheme, painting the walls is a quick, easy and economical update that nonetheless creates great impact. A red floor adds depth to the room but a reed rug has a similar effect without involving too much work. Surprising accents add a personal, intimate touch so consider painting the inside of cupboards a bright, pillar box red. It’s so unexpected that every time you open a cupboard door it will feel like a treat.

Red Kitchen Accessories

If you don’t want or can’t afford to go all out with a new kitchen with red furniture and décor, go for red kitchen accessories to highlight a simpler colour scheme. Red accessories for the kitchen look amazingly vibrant with a simple white or modern black colour scheme.

If you want a dramatic look, splash red kitchen accessories all over a bright green or blue decorated room. Red kitchen accessories also work well seasonally, fitting in with Christmas, Valentine’s or autumnal palettes. Red mixing bowls, colanders, teapots and strainers help to create the warm, homely atmosphere of your grandmother’s kitchen while red tagines and cafetieres lend a more sophisticated, exotic look.

Tie red kitchen accessories into the rest of the room with red lighting, window blinds or red appliances. A strong, retro red fridge will work as a focal point in any kitchen. If you use the kitchen for eating, don’t forget table linens, candles, dinnerware and glasses.

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