Using food jars for home made baby food

Using food jars for home made baby food

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We are what we eat, and this is especially true for babies. To stay healthy, babies and young children need a balanced and nutritious diet packed with all the vitamins and nutrients they need for sustained growth and development. With so many food scares and alarmist stories in the media, more and more parents are considering making their own baby food so that they can be 100 per cent sure of what they are feeding their children. Whilst creating an entire range of baby food is beyond the scope of this post, we want to share how to create a few simple items to start you on the journey to homemade, nutritious baby food.

Using the right food jars

If you are going to prepare your own baby food and store it properly, you need to use the right jars and to sterilise them thoroughly whenever you use them. Rather than making large jars of any meal, it is preferable to use smaller glass food jars that are suitable for just one portion. In this way, you don’t have to store a half-used pot of food in the fridge, and everything can be kept clean and germ-free. Our 125ml Bonta jam jars are ideal, as are the 110ml deluxe glass food jars and the 106ml globe jam jars.

What to put in those food jars

One good strategy for making baby food is to plan all the meals that you will need for one week and prepare them in one batch to store in the fridge. With a few exceptions, you can prepare mashed or pureed versions of the meals you plan to have yourself, if you wish. Mashed root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips and swedes, will provide valuable vitamins and minerals, whilst pureed avocado mixed with natural yoghurt will give a splash of colour with health-boosting probiotics. Don’t be afraid of using seasoning in baby foods, as your baby can tolerate different flavourings and will appreciate the variety of tastes. This does not mean you should serve very spicy foods to babies, of course, with a degree of common sense required.

For desserts, there are all sorts of possibilities. Mashed roasted pears are delicious, while apple sauce is usually a firm favourite. Mango can be mixed with a little yoghurt and then blitzed in a food processor to create a nutritious fruity dessert, while blueberries can be pulped, with a little water and cereal added to bulk up this tasty dish.

If reheating in a microwave, always remember to check carefully for hot spots in the food.

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