Recipe for Peach and Amaretto Jam for Kilner Jars

Baguette with peach jam served on a breakfast plate

Baguette with peach jam served on a breakfast plate

Recipe for peach and amaretto jam for Kilner Jars

All keen jam makers have their firm favourites when it comes to which preserves to make. We all love a good strawberry jam and an apple and blackberry jam is usually on everyone’s list of favourites; however, there is no denying that we also enjoy a new recipe – something that stirs our creative juices and gives us a fresh challenge. In today’s post, we will discuss an unusual jam recipe from Kilner, the firm behind the iconic clip top jam jars. Kilner’s recipe is heavenly and we have added a couple of ideas for a slight twist on the original recipe. If peach and amaretto sounds divine as a jam recipe, read on to find out more.

Get those Kilner jars ready

 Before you start your jam-making plans, ensure you have enough Kilner jars available. The recipe makes about 1.3kg of jam; therefore, three 500ml clip top jars should suffice. Make sure you thoroughly sterilise the jars before use.


1.3kg peaches

250ml water

2 lemons, juiced

1.3kg sugar

50ml amaretto


 Peel the peaches carefully or blanch them quickly to remove the skins. Set the skins aside.

 Remove the stones and chop the fruit into cubes. Boil the skins in a little water to soften them, then press them through a sieve onto the peach fruit. Simmer the fruit until it is quite soft.

 Add the sugar and lemon juice and heat until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and cook for around 20 minutes, stirring continuously. When setting point is reached, remove from the heat and remove any scum from the jam.

 Leave to cool for a few minutes before stirring in the amaretto. Pour into sterilised jars and seal.

 This jam is delicious served on toast for breakfast; alternatively, it can be used to add a fantastic twist to other dishes. Next time you make a bread and butter pudding, spread some of this jam on the slices of bread for a sensational sweet treat. It is also a super-tasty jam used in a jam sponge pudding and you could even spread it on sponge fingers in a classic trifle.

 More peachy ideas for Kilner jars

 If amaretto is not to your taste, you could always substitute another liqueur or spirit, such as brandy, vodka or even prosecco. For a non-alcoholic version, try using vanilla instead of amaretto. Another match made in heaven is peach and butterscotch jam, which is easy to make using a standard peach jam recipe and a drop or two of butterscotch essence.


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