A preserving pan for Christmas

A preserving pan for Christmas 

Jar of tasty homemade strawberry preserve. Strawberries harvest needed to preserve.

There are still a few weeks left until Christmas, but for many of us the time has come to work through our Christmas gift-giving list to try to come up with some inspired ideas for this year’s gifts. Whilst children are relatively easy to buy for, adults are another matter entirely, with many hours spent in households around the country deliberating what to get Uncle Bob are Aunt Susan. Over the next week or two, as the festive season draws closer, we will be sharing some ideas for stylish and practical gifts for all members of the family. Today, we are looking at our maslin pan range, so let’s see why this particular kitchen item makes such a wonderful gift.

Why a preserving pan makes a great Christmas gift

For some reason, many people mistakenly think that making jams, jellies or chutneys is both complicated and time-consuming; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Making a simple strawberry jam or a Seville marmalade is both fairly quick and straightforward. Like any hobby, home preserves can be taken further and there are certainly more complex recipes and methods to try once you have learned the basic skills; however, once most people have seen how easy jam-making is and how little special equipment they need to get started, they are hooked. With a good maslin pan, a jam thermometer, a wooden spoon and some jam jars, anyone can start making some incredible-tasting jams and preserves.

Choosing a preserving pan

To make good jam, you need to use a proper maslin pan rather than simply using a big saucepan. We have written about the qualities of a good jam pan before, so it only remains to outline the pans in our range.

A full-sized pan is typically around eight to nine litres in size, and we have three different styles to choose from. The classic stainless steel design has stayed the same for decades and looks just as elegant and beautiful today as it did in our grandmother’s kitchen. For those who fancy something different, we also have an eight-litre pan in black enamel, and a Kilner-branded pan in a lovely deep red colour. If you think that an eight-litre pan might be too large for the person you are planning to give it to, we also have a half-sized pan made of durable stainless steel. At four and a half litres, this pan is ideal for people who want to make smaller quantities of jam or those who might struggle to lift the full-sized pan.

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